As if this season on BB13 could not get any worse!  Last night’s “ENDURANCE” competition for HOH was a total disappointment!  The only thing exciting, really wasn’t!  We all suspected that Dani would win this one.  But what was NOT expected was the time (or lack of) it took for all the other HGs to fall/give up/or just plain quit!  At this point in the game the only “endurance” challenge has been whether to find something else to watch this summer or continue to “endure” the boredom and stupidity.

Actually, with everything considered thus far this season…why should we expect anything other than disgust at the way this game has progressed?  Why doesn’t CBS just call it right now and save themselves the money and disgrace?  Just put all the names in a hat and pull one.  It does not matter who it is, cause they have all played poorly!  It is a shame that more of the HGs are not getting into the game and just basically “floating” by.  I cannot figure out if they are not interested in the game play, or are scared to ruffle any feathers, or waiting for someone else to make a move.  There has been several times where if the newbies had joined forces and banded together, they would have the power to turn the BB13 house up-side-down!

Being the Devil’s advocate here & thinking “out of the box”, I would love to someone start “thinking” of the possibilities instead of comparing this season to past seasons.  This is a NEW season-boasted to be better than ever,and should be played as such!  I adore Jeff & Jordan, but Jeff needs to put his thinking cap back on.  He should be smart enough to see the possibility-Jordan too!  She is smarter than what most HGs in the house give her credit for.  This is good though, so no one sees he as a threat.  However, with having 5 4 newbies and 5 veterans (sides not considered since it seems to be ever-changing)  it will be a toss up for the power (determined by the POV).

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