It is about time the house guests realize that “half way” also means it is time where votes are going to be hard to find.  HGs are going to get eliminated with 3 or less votes!  So far, during this season there have been ups and downs which are all part of BB.  However, some of them have been way extreme.  As far as good television, that could be debated on who you are and what you like.  Big Brother 13 has had it’s surprises and some of the biggest let downs I can remember in BB history.  (Note: I did say “I could remember”)  This season I had decided early on that I would get the live feeds and Showtime so that I would not miss anything.  What a waste!  For me, they have all been not only a waste of my money but my time as well!

I recall someone saying something like BB 13 could be lucky for CBS during preseason chatter.  I sort of took it with a grain of salt.  I mean really, when has Big Brother failed to “bring it”?  In my mind, up to this point in the game, CBS has failed extremely this season.  There have been so many missed opportunities (again-in MY mind) that could have made outstanding television!  One instance would have been to use the fortune teller more to confuse the HGs and possibly even create thoughts that could have been awesome instigators.  In the Big Brother house it doesn’t take much to get the “fires” going.  Oddly enough, most of the conflict seems to be between the veterans and the newbies have been just sitting on the side watching them destroy each other.  Which in most cases would have been a great choice—however: at some point they needed to start playing someday before there were too few of them of them to do anything.  Plus, they do not seem to have learned anything while watching.

At first, I was not pulling for the Veterans to win this game; mainly because they have been there, done that.  But for people to win the game who have done nothing, just makes me sick!   Even to make it to the final 6 is wrong if the have gotten there by doing nothing but floating!  Grant it, there have been people like that who have won in the past, but – for me – that is such a waste!   The prize money should go to people who have deserve it and actually played in the game-not let everyone else play and the others are just there for the ride!

So far in this game season, I would have to consider this season to be a huge flop for CBS.  I hold out the hope for some kind of change, but time is running out to make things more interesting.  Currently, it seems maybe a cooking contest with “101 ways to use slop and make it edible” or Let’s see how many “Lame Games” can we invent with nothing-(almost Apollo 13th~don’t you think?)  [Ironically those two have the #13.  Maybe ~ destiny stepping in?]

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