Finally, the first week of Big Brother 13 is OVER!  File it away and now it is time to breathe and get down to the facts of the game and start playing the game.

Way to go Jordan!  HOH week #2.

This is the first season that I have been so frustrated with the HGs so soon.  I find myself actually screaming at the TV.  Some of the house guests are playing so stupidly!  But I will have to admit, it does keep me guessing.  There are actually two games going on simultaneously in this game.  I applaud the Veterans (Wolves) for totally blowing apart any continuity the Newbies (Bunnies) even hoped to have!  WAY TO GO!!!!!  Then I do not remember any group, ever in BB history,  behaving so much like juvenile delinquents.

If and when the house guests begin playing as singles, I think things are going to change again drastically.  Jeff & Jordan are my faves, no doubt—but as far as the newbie bunnies are concerned I like the duo of Cassie and Shelly.  I don’t expect any of the veterans (wolves) to make it to the final four.  However, if some of them do, I do not it want to see Dani, Rachel and/or Brendon to be anywhere near!

Just to make things interesting, I would love to see Cassie, Shelly and Adam in the final 3.

Shelly’s voice is still grating-but compared to Rachel—I would rather hear Shelly.  Kudos to Shelly for still remaining true to herself.  Bravo!  Let’s see if it stays that way as the numbers start to dwindle.

Adam’s “metal-head” act is also grating, but Dom “Juan’s” innocent act is more annoying!   For someone who did not know anything about BB, he sure seems to know many of the stategic moves-although so far they do not seem to work for him.   Dom reminds me a great deal of Matt-lies and more lies!   I think Adam knows he screwed up in the first week, and believes he can remedy that situation-but- Big Brother is not known for forgiveness.

Jeff & Jordan have been around Hurricane Brenchel way too long!   J & J are playing as if the ones that are truthful are lying and vice versa.  Wake up!!!  And what is it with Brendon and Jeff?  Both of them have made it abundantly clear they only agreed to come back to BB because of their women.   Do not blame them if thing are not going your way, fellows.

“Kahlua” is just a SUCK UP!  She tries to allign herself with who she thinks has the most power at the moment.  Her and Porche are two peas in a pod!  Suck ups, tattletales and the only good either of them are good for is to “use” for the further-ment  of others.

Dani, I DO NOT TRUST AT ALL!  For someone who cannot play in any comps for (4) four,3 weeks now, she is definitely “playing” her game.  It appears that she actually learned something from her Dad that she can actually benefit from.  All I can say here is:  BIG BROTHER 13 HOUSE GUESTS—BEWARE OF THE DANI WITH THE BLACK HAIR!

I think Lawon could be a good player if he would wise up and start playing for himself.

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