What are they thinking? This game is not even similar to any other BB season.  They need to think again several weeks-like chess.  If they are/were smart, they would have used the VETO and “back-doored” one of the other newbies last week.  Keith was digging his own hole and was not going to last much longer anyway.  I know it would have been a great risk, but being they are the VETERANS and “most likely to succeed” in many of the competitions; I would have put up one of the Veteran couples and then used the veto to eliminate one of the newbies and give the Veteran that survived the block the Golden Key for that week.  Now this week a pair of the newbies have the veto, so it is a win, win situation.  Since it is a given that one of the newbies will use the veto and it is up to the HOH to nominate someone else to fill the void, of course it would be another newbie as well as another opportunity to split up a duo!  No brainer!

I was watching one of the feeds or BBAD and the newbies were talking about the need to get rid of the female newbies.  What are they thinking? It is the men they have to worry about.  Even though there are only two of them, I feel they are the bigger threat.

So, this is going out to all the BB13 house guests…HERE IS YOUR SIGN!!!


Why is it that virtually every season, the house guests are such slobs?  I would love to see a season of BB that only included house guests that were over 30.  The phrase “Youth is wasted on the young” is so appropriate this season in the BB house.  I mean really, it is sad that there is always one of the HGs that ends up cleaning up after the youngin’s because they are tired of the bugs,dirt, hair or whatever is left behind.  Plus, how sad is it that when someone goes to get in the hammock, they need to find out what is clean and what is not and have to take everything off of it to even get into it???


Still pulling for the Southern Gals!  What is that song?  The South Shall Rise Again?  lol

GO GIRLS!  oh hEAY! …oh  hEAY!  (sorry had to do that-even though I do not do even a mediocre Rachel)

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