Some think Shelly is a bigger threat than Brenchel.  If we were in the beginning of the season, I would have to seriously think about that one.  However, now that we are winding down and the voting becomes hard to come by, the “threats” take on a different meaning. ” Would you really want the ones you considered a threat to your  game play left in the house or would you be better off with them in Jury?”  “Would you have a better chance against them as one of the FINAL 3?”  I guess it would depend on who you are.  I think Dani would be better off with Brenchel in the Jury house.  The load of crap they were trying to get Dani to believe last night, would make most people puke!  Honestly, with votes coming down to just a few, why would any of the competitors vote to keep Rachel and Brendon in the game while knowing they could win?  I certainly would not!  Even if it came down to being against Kalia or Porshe in the final 3, I think it would be a “slam dunk” for any of the vets.  After all, they are supposed to be judged for their game play, right?  Even though Dani is thinking that she is the master manipulator but, by accepting the deal with Brenchel, she is the one being manipulated!  Just like she was with Kalia feeding all of her bull!  Dani, it is time for you to wake up, take the blinders off and start thinking what is best for you and no one else!

I also think it sort of ironic that no one sees that Porshe is the biggest liar of them all!  She has repeatedly thrown any one she could under the bus from the beginning just to keep the focus off herself!  In addition, talk about floaters?  I will give her credit, she has done a good job at it-better that I thought she could pull off.  I honestly thought she would be gone way before now.  Frankly, the ones that are playing the “poor little me/us” and “I/We have no one to play with” cards are not worth even the time to think about, let alone to listen to!

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