Finally, the doubt, lying and two-faced, back stabbing starts!  I think it was week one when I warned Beware with Dani with the black hair!  Actually, I think her dad is having a proud moment-but even finds things to criticize Dani on.  With him not being on this season, a great deal of the (expected) conflict will not come to pass.  In addition with Rachel trying (sometime) to show a different (better) side of herself to the fans, the “drama” has been nil and probably will remain minimal for several weeks.

Frankly, I am one that will be happy to see Dom walk out that door on Thursday!  I have always found it quite confusing that for someone who had no idea of what or how Big Brother worked, he seems to have an uncanny knowledge of the inner workings.  Plus, he is trying as hard as possible (for him) to start conflict-and probably will until he walks out the door.  I can’t wait until his speech before the votes on Thursday!  I am sure he will try to throw accusations while going out the door.  What happened to the regulators?  Oh, that is right-two of the four are already gone!  Just too little, too late, Dude!  This may be the most exciting moment of the game!

Another possible threat to the Vets. is Kahlua-Kalia.  She plays both sides quite well.  I place most of the blame for the Vets not using their “Brains” instead of their “Emotions”  lies with Rachel.  Even though Jordan has made friends with Kalia and have basically assured Brenchel and Jeff  that Kalia is not a threat.  Even for being veterans, sometime it still amazes me they are NOT thinking.  Also, Rachel has her moments (most 0f the time-when her and Brenden are not fighting) when she thinks everything should revolve around her.  Even this year, I think that is the most annoying thing about her.  Brenchel will be their own demise.

Jeff & Jordan have said many times the only reason they agreed to do this season was to be able to spend time with each other (in jury).  Porche has said that she does not want to go to jury.  Kalia just wants to get to jury.  I think if Jeff & Jordan end up going to jury before Shelly, she will be next.  I do not think she would be able to handle being in the BB house with Brenchel afterwards.  Seriously, I do not think Adam and/or Lawon will make it much further either.  With all this, why bother with this season?  Unless CBS has a few more twists in their bag of tricks, this season is destined to be less than “good tv”.  There are very few house guests actually thinking and using their brains for anything other than getting to jury.  An elephant’s brain is the size of a peanut and they know enough to survive in one of the harshest environments ever.  So, I find it very “BAD TV” and “Bad Game Play” for both the house guests and CBS!

13 could be a bad omen for all.


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