I tuned in to the live feeds tonight just in time to find Keith and Adam attempting to figure out  secret alliances while Keith is having a “butt scratching episode”!  Now I understand what people mean by you cannot un-see something you have seen!  I could have done without that vision my entire life without seeing!  MAJOR EWWWW!

I know the plan is to evict Porche and I for the most part agree.  However, I get a strange “predatory” feeling about Keith-regardless of the butt scratching.  He may  be a little paranoid at this time but I see him getting by week after week and then being a force to get rid of.

Cassie and Dom seem to be getting quite close.  Although “Dom Juan” is a cutie,  I think he is relying on his looks and “innocence” will get him through some of this game.  I am still trying to figure out his TRUE age.

“Kahlua” is finally showing signs of life.  For someone who was going to lie to everyone and do this and do that, she seemed to almost become nothing more than a fly on the wall for several days.  Words of caution—beware the silent types.

Something else to watch out for is going to be the “friendship” between Dani & Rachel.  With Rachel’s Big Brother record combined with Dani’s record-they will be a gruesome twosome!

I still have not found any one person to pull for, especially with Dick out of the game.  The sweethearts of BIG BROTHER are always my faves.  I don’t think there are many people who do not like those two.  But not everyone may agree.  Just as many more people than I realized admit they liked Dick.

To the consumate BB liar-Matt-you missed your season!  You would fit in here with no trouble!  I would gather to guess, you wouldn’t have made it as far as you did!

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