This season has been one of the “weirdest” yet!  Sometimes it seems the HGs must be having a competition to see who can be the dumbest HG ever!  Then there always ends up with another HG who can say or do something even more stupid!  Dani wondering if fish have sex and when they lay eggs, Kalia asking if clams are really happy, or production ALWAYS having to tell Kalia to “STOP SINGING” (I mean really, how many times do you have to be told?), Rachel crying that “No One Likes Her”, but she gets up and does her “dances” or go into the DR without caring what she looks like and it is on film, I am not sure whether it was Kalia or Porche that asked the question “with a real hose?” when Dani was asked if her Dad would hose the HGs of this season and then there is Lawon thinking if he gets evicted he will come back with some super-power!  They could rename this season as Dumb and Dumber!

Just for the fun of it, here is my fyi-or at least the ones I know:

Not all fish lay eggs.  Some of them give live birth and I think the HOH fish are one of the breads that give live birth.  Not ALL fish eggs are caviar.  As far as I know, they do not swallow XXXX !

As far as clams, who cares?  BTW-your singing is very annoying!!!

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel-start playing the game and FORGET about what others think or leave!

No! it is not a real hose!  But since you asked, we will make sure it is a FIRE HOSE just to see the reaction!

Lawon, what can I say?  What are you thinking???  Oh well, good riddance to dead weight!

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