I agree with those of you out there that think this was/is a bad move on Jeff & Jordan’s part.

In a tremendous LEAP of faith, I am hoping that the newbies are more intelligent than they have alluded to thus far.  Unfortunately Cassie and Shelly are the only ones to be actually playing the game.  It is a shame the two of them are a “duo”!  Although, I like both of them, I think Shelly truly wants to go home (she just doesn’t want everyone to know) and frankly, I would like the opportunity to see more of Cassie’s gameplay.  Plus, Shelly has not really sworn her allegiance to either side-only to be true to herself.  In essence a great game play, but we all know where “non-committal” will eventually put that individual.   If the newbies are smart, they would turn the tables on the Veterans tonight.  They have the votes if they can join together and make a GROUP effort.  And to be the devil’s advocate here, surely the Veterans have thought this could be a possibility-right?  I mean, did Brenchel and Dani think they could keep up their “bullying” of the others to get them very far in the game?  Maybe that is why Dani seems to be branching off from the others … ? {Perhaps getting rid of her blonde hair has opened her up to actually playing smart?  Although, personally, I could not stand enduring much of Dom Juan’s advances and doting.  Great game play though!}

I honestly think if one of the newbies get HOH tonight, Brenchel is well on their way out of the house-beginning with the “Rachel”!

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