Hmmm….  That would definitely explain some of the “awkward” moments in the BB house this year.  It would also not surprise me that more than general chit chat happens in the Diary Room.  I have had the occasional thought that even the BB “restriction announcements” have been on the increase this season.  No doubt the “stop singing” is getting way beyond annoying, but now the “you are not allowed to talk about production” and “you are not allowed to discuss your Diary Room sessions” are coming in a close second!  However, I do not recall this many “restriction announcements” since the season ED was in the house.  But, the production/Diary Room restrictions I have found way to numerous not to create suspicion on productions (CBS).  It has been aired the mention of several individual’s names of people who are supposedly “behind the scenes”.

At first, I sort of thought that the possibility of Dani personally “knowing” someone behind the scenes was very good, but when it seemed to continue-maybe she “knew” the individuals way too much–to the point that she should have not been allowed to return to the BB house.  Then again, she is well known for her “showmances”, so what would restrict her showmances to the “public” cast and not the people behind they scene?  It would actually make more sense, after all the ones behind the scenes do see EVERYTHING!  In addition, she is a single, beautiful, technically not attached/involved and possibly sexually motivated, young woman.   Other than when she is playing the game, she even seems like a very likable and friendly person.


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