“We are off to see the WIZARD, The Wonderful Wizard of…”  What?  Exactly!  What?

Cast is as follows:

Dorothy (determined) ……… Jordan

Dorthy (needy) ……….. Rachel

Auntie Em ……… Shelly

Mrs. Gulch (early departure) …….. Cassie

Scarecrow …….. Porshe

Tin Man ……… Daniel

Cowardly Lion …….. Kahlia

Witch ………… Rachel

Flying Monkeys ………. Lawon, Adam (Phillip & Cruddy included)

ToDo (fiesty and fearless) ………… Jeff

Wizard ……… Big Brother

Wow, welcome to the wonderful world of Big Brother 13!  I cannot remember when the BB house has been so full of egotistical bitches and absolutely stupidity!  Between Rachel’s crying “poor me, I have no one to show me attention” , Daniel’s thinking “she is so genius”, “Kahlua’s” attempt to keep blood off her hands in the hope she will be safe next week and Lawon’s absolute clueless decision to finally get involved in the game thinking he will be granted some super power-this has been the most ridiculous week ever!  Even Jordan seems to have gone through a transformation into a more aggressive, take no prisoners, enough is enough offshoot of Jordan that not even Jeff  has seen before!  {but he does like} Then, one has to make mention of all the competitions that have been thrown for one reason or other – not to count the comps that certain HGs did not understand the rules.  If I click my heels 3 times can I return to normalcy?

Grant it, no one wants to have the “blood” on their hands when it come to eviction.  However, that come with the power of the HOH.  Along with the good, it must be balanced with the bad.  Even though this season has been strange to say the least, we have witnessed friends go to foes, the blind get even more blind, the dumb get more dumber and the “what about me’s” … well, you get the point.  Unlikely alliances seem to be the “norm” this season, and not many of the HGs have been even playing the game!  Dani thinks she is the greatest player ever.  Rachel is acting like she is going to wither up and die without Brandon at her beckon call.  Kalia is trying to keep all concerned pacified while she attempts to play her version of BB13 HOH without having the repecussions of the inevitable fallout!  Lawon is thinking this is the time he should get involved in playing the game in order to go down in BB history.  (Just plain going down is more likely)   At this point, I do not think any of the newbies have a chance in winning or deserving to win this game.  If they had banded together and used their collective brains, they would have realized the had the numbers and did not need nor could have been manipulated by the vets.   If ED had been able to stay in the game, that would be totally different.  His game play is the best I have seen without winning many of the comps. hands down!  His game is a total mind@*$=!

There will, more than likely, be more surprises around every corner still, so I will definitely be watching in order to see what other stupidity occurs.

After this season is over, we should have a vote as to the most stupid move, moment or thought!  There would be many candidates for that one!  So, far for me … I think I would have to go with Dom throwing, not one but two veto comps while his butt was on the line!

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