Ok.  This has been troubling me for a couple of days now.  On BBAD I saw  Shelly tell Porshe and Kalia that the plan to evict Jeff was something she had planned all along.  She even stated they would see that when they were able to view the entire season.

I do not remember that.  Shelly could be lying once again though.  I sort of think she will try to get back in Jordan’s and Rachel’s good graces-cause I do remember Shelly’s conversation with Jordan before the big blowout!  Jordan told her that if Jeff was for some reason evicted from the game, she would take Shelly to the final 2.  Frankly, I am glad to see Jordan finally get to the point where she had enough!  I am glad to know she doesn’t “need” anyone taking care of her & she let all of America know that she does have a point where she becomes the ferocious Lioness when she needs to!  That is a big plus in my book.

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