It has been roughly 9 months since Big Brother was on our televisions.  For some of us, some of the HGs left quite a bitter taste in our mouths—some it did not.  Which ever of the categories you fall under, we have anticipated the arrival of BB13 to entertain us for the summer.  For the ones out there who had (and still may have) the bitter taste in their mouths, the outlook is that there still seems it has no cure and you will have to deal with it a little bit longer.  To be honest, last year came very close to reaching my tolerance.  As I am sure it did with some of you out there?

Wow, a whole lot of ???  Brenchel-now engaged—are you serious?, Jeff & Jordan—the Sweethearts of BB & Dick and Dani—who still are not speaking.  Of course is anyone surprised that the “new” women of the house had their crude opinion of a certain cackle laugh.  No surprise that there were several newbies who became star struck when it came to Jeff & Jordan and Dick and Dani.  I was totally prepared to see a Big Brother version of Wayne’s World.  “We are not worthy”  Major sucking up-already.

Rachel claimed to keep Dick and Dani safe if they slipped of their mutual banana. and let her become the 1st HOH.  I do believe she has no intentions of keeping her word and that will mark her for eviction.  Many inuendos, but there was so much happening, it was hard to keep up.  Just for starters …  Jordan slipping off Jeff’s banana.  Jeff playing the “dumb blonde doesn’t do math” thing in the Diary room with Jordan.  (can you tell I do not like him doing that to her-but she doesn’t complain)

I am still looking for the bull our Louisiana mom rode in on.  In my opinion, the newbies are as lame as they first appeared.  They all decided to unite against the returning duos.  It also seems everyone of them have  no problems with lying.  Even the professed “Church Deacon”.  Personally, no surprise there either.  It also seems not many are fond of Adam.  Cassie and Shelly  Or should that be Cassie loves Shelly?  Who would have thunk?  Lawon-(twizzler head) paired up with “Kahlua”–tell me they won’t be standing out!  Then surprise of all surprises Kahlua had the nerve to make a sarcastic remark about Rachel’s breast???  Has she looked in the mirror lately?  Kahlua may be another Natalie-she does not like having to share the shower.  Better be winning HOH a lot or using/overusing some deodorant!  Of course the church deacon started out thinking his plan is going to be the best ever, then he finds out he can kiss his plan GOOD-BYE!  Then in walks ED & Dani.  All of a sudden, Kieth is ready to boot Porche to the curb.  What a player!  Dick has already targeted Jordan.  And Dani??? OMG!  What is the deal with the Black hair????  Dom thought she was ED’s hoochie momma.  How funny!!!  Shelly and Cassie threw their part of the HOH comp.  And what is this?  Kieth doesn’t like the chocolate BB sprayed on his banana.  “It is Gross”.  He does know that he is not there to sample the props, right?  Adam’s arhhhh has already run its course with me.  Dick is “Riding his Banana like a bucking bronco” ; the he has to make a remark about Rachel looking as if she is at home riding her banana.  Of course Rachel said that she had ridden many bananas.  Like that is a shocker!  Then her DR-”Nobody comes between me and my __________ ?  Of course it was her banana.  Now BB comes up with a Golden Key and the winner is exempt from eviction until there are only 10 people left.   I say just give me a Golden Spoon so I would be exempt from ever eating slop-unless I make a trade for a week a couple of days.

I am curious.  How do you feel about this years HGs?  Do you think it will go well or be a total bust?  Anyone out there willing to pick their fave(s)?  Anyone want to predict who the next one to leave the house?  So what do you think about the show?

I think that the premiere could be considered a success—if not but for the ability of being able to ruin everyone’s preconceived plans.  WAY TO GO BB!!!

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