Ready or not…here it comes!  I for one never thought Big Brother would last this long.  When they were still in the advertising stages of BB1, I can remember saying to myself, “yeah, right.  Like that is ever going fly.”  Boy was I wrong, and gladly so!  I have always found the human experience quite entertaining.  Although, I find most of it predictable, I do enjoy the occasional surprise! There are always new things to learn, and we never get too old to learn.

So, bring it on Big Brother!

Bring it REAL BIG!

It is too late to call your mother.

so if you smoke-grab your cigs

Find a comfy seat and settle in

its a 3 month deal to see who wins

With all possible twists, turns and spins

14 people in a house will be locked in

Forget personal space-at first it is slim.

BIG BROTHER is watching every move they make

so their privacy is not the only thing they take

Insomnia, slop, backstabbing and more

are some of the things they will endure.

they can kiss their dignity & privacy goodbye

they will be willing to cheat, steal and lie

to be able to stay in the house one week more

before they are escorted to the front door.

For them, 3 months never seemed so long

but now to Big Brother they all belong.

So, bring it on Big Brother!

Bring it REAL BIG!


The countdown has begun!

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