First, I apologize for thinking that Dom was one of the nominees.  I also apologize if I have missed anything more current other that what is posted on the forum as of 7-8-11@ 3:00 pm. Eastern.

I do have access to the Big Brother live feeds, however I have chosen not to view them yet today.  Other than that, I think the “returns alliance” are going to have their hands fuller than they think with the Newbies.  We will see…

In some circles, newbies are often referred as “bunnies”.  Using that analogy, then one could refer to the returning house guests as a pack of Wolves.  However, I am feeling the wolves are sadly not realizing the strength of this particular group of bunnies!  We all know the saying “there is strength in numbers”.  This may be no more truer than now.  The wolves have the experience, but the bunnies have the numbers-at least for now.  At this point, even with many of the bunnies being newborn Big Brother virgins, they are wise enough to instinctively hide their numbers (sort of) and to gather in their burrow for safety.

With that said, I find it way too convenient the groups divided this way.  On one hand, one would think at least some of the bunnies would want to align themselves with the wolves for additional security.  On another hand, there are two bunnies who seem to be making sure they are not really a part of either alliance.  Then (I have run out of hands but…) On another hand, I am not sure that some of the Wolves do not have a different plan all together.  They have learned through experience to keep many things close to the vest.  I also by experience, women are more vindictive and strategizing than men for the most part if they use their heads and not their hearts.

Most of all of the house guests have REAL issues with overconfidence!  Very few of them are justified in that thinking.  I think both the wolves and the bunnies not only need reality checks and re-evaluate the situations but also watch for ones of their group who may be hiding something they do not want anyone to know.

I think this season has the potential to be an exciting one.  But two things will have to happen–1) Grodner needs to back off a little as well as CBS.  Now that the “twists” have been revealed, let the guests sort it out on their own.  The ground work is in play so let it be real! and…2) All of the house guests need to use the brains they have and think before they do-for the most part.

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