Ah ha!  Now things make more sense.  It is amazing how STUPID some people can be!  I have to admit stupidity and ignorance are  my two main pet peeves.  Porche, girl you root are showing.  Keith, you are only missing the tears and you will be giving Whamber some real competition in being the biggest “poor me” cry babies of BIG BROTHER! Some more advice for you Keith…you cannot milk cows by humping them!  (or even by scratching your butt)  Although, it you and Porche did look like you were enjoying your “job”-maybe a little too much.

“Dom Juan”, you sly dog you!  Dom needs to slow down a little.  He has had his eyes on Cassie from DAY 1.  He should be careful or the other HGs will figure it out.  Are they for real???  The REGULATORS?  Seriously?  Please, the next thing you know Dom will bust out toy transformers.  Careful guys, don’t make him mad-then he will refuse to share his toys!

Now rumors have it the Keith is the one to be evicted.  Wise choice!  The worst thing the HGs could do is to let him get comfortable in the house!  Every week he stays will make it one week harder to get rid of him.  Not to mention, the more newbie bunnies that are eliminated, the more they will seek each other for safety.  I think “Kahlua” and/or Adam need to be the next ones to go.  Adam, you had your chance dude.  We will (hopefully) be rid of you soon.  AARrhh!

Now, I realize I do not speak for everyone.  However, I would like to take a moment to say I will miss having ED in the game.  Yes, he is ruthless, uncooth, and a determined competitor.  However, I cannot help but to admire the man.  He defeated the other HGs in BB8 mainly by mental manipulation.  I my book, that is a tremendous feat!

I still have not figured out who I am going to root for.  I am quite shocked at Brenchel’s laid back personas.  I can’t help but wonder if they had  had more support from some of the HGs last season if she would have been so annoying.

What do you think?  Let me hear your thoughts!

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