Someone in an earlier statement (might have been Matt) said BB9 had a HG come back in a box. It was JAMES! Besides Evel Dick, James is my second favorite person in the big Brother house. Not that he was a good player but as a person I loved his attitude. He was funny, sexy, Bi, and loved to play jokes. I loved Evel b/c of the way he played and how he tried so hard to mend fences w/his daughter Danni. Wonder how their relationship is these days. So getting back to the HG getting a surprise guest, it would be great if they did the same thing w/Jeff and evicted him but then gave the HG a choice between a special box or what’s behind door #1. What ever it is it will be better then that frigin Pandora’s box. That sucked a**!

After Big Brother is over where do we go from here? Do we follow and blog about Survivor? I feel as if I have second family in here. Janet, Killer K, Doctor Dr, June, Cheri, and especially our main man Matt! W/O you this wouldn’t be the same. Ur updates are fast, accurate, and entertaining. Another couple of weeks and we will all be going through BB withdrawals.

I haven’t watched all of last evenings After Dark, but Nat was complaining about cramps and Kevin went to get her pain meds and she took them while she was drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade. That might explain why she was the way she was last night. Love you guys in here. You set me straight when need be and laugh w/me and at me. Just like a real family.

Thank you all very much. Peace out, ♥Kare♥

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