This question is for all sexes. If you took the deal of not playing in the POV to see your significant other, would you have done it? Most of us would say “HELL YES!”. Which Natalie did, good for her. But my question about this whole setup is, if you have been away from ur loved one for 2 1/2 months wouldn’t you have jumped into their arms and screamed? Gone crazy? Kiss like there’s no tomorrow? Why didn’t Natalie?

Then to top it ALL off, he got down on one knee (very romantic) and asked Natalie for her hand in marriage along w/telling her he also asked her father on premier night. Why wouldn’t you jump like crazy and kiss them? Also, why would you lie about it afterwards? The HG would have loved to hear happy news from her.

Thank goodness Kevin caught on. Hey, give credit where credit is due, right? Any opinions?

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