I would love to send ur Grandma Reny in there to straighten ur asses out. (Sry Reny about the Grandma name, but hey its a blog) ok back to the kids. All of you have not played nicely together like mama taught you. Ronnie, you knew ur brother Jeff was very sensitive and you still went after him. I don’t get it.

Ronnie dad & I told you to be ur self and not follow the crowd. You started out having very nice friends (Jeff, Jordan, Branden :-( Laura, and Michele, but then you turned ur back on them to try to fit in. But Ronnie,son, they’re just using you. JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL! Remember how that felt? Well its happening again to you and you don’t even realize it.

Casey, mama is proud of you for sticking to your word. Your students should be proud of you too. We can’t wait until you start to fight for your right to stay in the game. (A small reference to the Beastie Boys for u) So I don’t have much more for you. Now to my darling daughter Laura, your fixated on you looks a little too much. Also remember what daddy and I always say to you, if you don’t smile you look like you’re mad. Jordan noticed that too. Other from that we hope you do a good job with the VETO comp just be kind to your big brother Jeff. You know how his feelings get bruised so easily. (Come on BB11 fans, doesn’t Jeff look like he could be George Clooney’s kid. Sh*t that boy is cute)

Okay back to “mommy” mode. Now for Jordan, I’m so glad that you’re not blood related to ur brother Jeff. You 2 are so cute together. But sweetheart the PICKLE eating has to stop. If you do have to eat them because of the Have/Have nots comp, cut them up and use a fork. Grandpa says the old geysers down at the VFW are having heart problems because their hearts are racing watching you eat them in such a sexy way. Remember,too, while you can’t have food-food you can eat salsa, ketchup w/hot water(it makes cheap tomato soup), or even lemon w/sugar & water to make pop sickles. You’ll figure it out. It was also a good move to talk with Russell last night. Just tell Jeff that you did that. He will appreciate that you tried to smooth things out.

Kevin, mommy will write to you later. We NEED to talk about THOSE glasses. Mommy loves you all. Have fun today and play nice with your brothers & sisters.

Love, ♥Mommy♥

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