So as many of you have guessed, Casey is really adopted. I am only 4 yrs older then him. Okay with that said let’s move on to ALL my children tonight.

Ronnie dad and I are not too happy with you right now. You’re too “cocky” as ur dad would say. You are playing both sides way too close and we have a feeling we will be seeing you home sooner rather then later.

Now about my child Laura, we told you NOT to go too big with your boobies because people wouldn’t take you seriously. Well, as you can tell dad and I were right. YOU let people you don’t even know touch your boobs? Wow we couldn’t believe it.

And for you Jordan you told us you would never tell a soul about your implants. We see more of your skin now then we did when you were taking bathes with your cousin Casey. Oops I forgot we weren’t going to speak of that anymore. So sorry darling.

Michele shhhh about all the sex stuff I talked to you about. That’s only between a mother and her daughter. You were only supposed to do that stuff with your husband. Not tell everyone what you do to each other. That’s personal. I hoped you packed extra batteries. We know how much use your “toys” get when you’re away from your hubby.

And for the rest of you children, play nice with your brother Russell, he’s been off his meds for sometime now and we don’t know how he will react to too much stress.

Now to BIG BROTHER, my neighbors said they want more alcohol given in the house. He said he always new my children had a wild side and is loving it so much. Boy they’re going to make mommy start to drink soon. Pass the limes and salt dad. Oops did I write that? Hmmm

Cheers friends of Big Brother Mother blog!

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