So many reasons to not like this next week.

1st – Eye candy has left the building.

2nd – Nasty Nat is HOH (which means shell be there, on camera, for 2 more weeks.

3rd – Pandora’s Box is still around and Gnat might benefit from it.

4th – Eye candy has left the building. I know I said it already but its so heartbreaking I had to say it again.

5th – Showtime 2 Big Brother After Dark has been boring enough that I have been fast forwarding thru 3hrs of it. Now I’m thinking why should I even DVR (record) it.

And last but not least, 6th – Nasty Nat has done NOTHING – NOTHING to be as far ahead in this game as she has gotten. She makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I hear her talk. (Sry but its a reference to a movie that has ALWAYS made me laugh)

I cannot get over her (gnat) dedicating this HOH win to Chima. Too bad the house guests couldn’t read what Chima’s apology was really like. Chima didn’t have compassion she just sugar coated what she had said in the house to Russell. I hope Gnat’s letter from home is from her father and nothing from the boyfriend. I hope after what she did w/jesse he dumped her skanky a**!

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