What were my BB11 children thinking about last night when they drank a little too much? I told Jordan not too much alcohol so she won’t do anything to embarrass herself. Well a crush will bring that out in her.

And Jessie with Lydia? Come on children, I told you, get to know the person before you start fooling around. You also know as soon as your big brother Russell finds out you will both lose the respect of the rest of the family.

Jeff is doing the courting a bit better. He is flirting and making his girl feel good about herself. He touches her leg when he talks to her. Where as Lydia, darling, don’t chase the boy. You know that’s the only reason he let you do that to him the other night.

I’m so glad the rest of the family is sleeping when BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK is on. You would give your daddies a heartache if he was awake.

Now Braden no one in the house knows too much about your naked scene on “That” cable show you did. So let’s keep it that way. We don’t like the rest of the family knowing you did “that” sort of thing for money.

Okay Casey your students are proud of you, they just want you to STOP picking your nose on camera. Other from that you’re doing a very good job.

Kevin your husband is so proud of you for not flirting with all the hot boys in your family now. We know how you can get.

Ronnie darling you are the brains of this family but as we have always told you, son, you have no common sense. Please stop showing everyone your hand. You’re telling everyone how smart you are but we’ve always told you, never show it. Pretend you don’t know everything.

Mommy will talk to the rest of you children tomorrow. Mommy is proud of all my kids. Knock ‘em dead, but play nice. NO NAME CALLING. It does stay with the person and they won’t forget later during the voting from the jury house. Nighty night.

Love, Mommy

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