Did anyone catch the cutie, Jeff, being a bit of a bad boy last night? He was hurtin for a make out session w/Jordan. But the funniest thing I have heard him say this whole season, at least to me, was when they, J&J, were in the HOH room and Jordan got called down to the DR. She was standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to wear it her hair. She asked Jeff, “Should I wear it down or pull it back?” Under his breath, Jeff said “I’ll pull it back all right” Oh Em Gee! That made me laugh so loud.

The poor guy is so smitten w/her. Jordan knows this and doesn’t give him an inch. She asked him last night if he want to “Make Out” then just laughed. Poor guy. What he said next should not be written here but I try. w/o using his exact word, Jeff told her “That’s it we’re going to “Ef—-” around tonight” can you imagine what they would be like outside out the house.

However, how can you go from sleeping together, farting, picking your nose, and plucking your eyebrows (Jeff not Jordan on that one) to go backwards and date? Can you really pick someone up at their house and take them out for dinner and a movie then drop her off after just living with her for 3 months? Its sad to say but I have a feeling that the “Sunshine Kids” won’t be together outside of the BB house. But that does leave Jeff open for all those girls in Chi Town for him.

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