Food For Thought! If someone filmed you 24/7 what would they catch YOU doing?

With the exception of red dye and bleach Natalie played the game. DO NOT get me wrong, I can’t stand the little biotch, but does anyone remember Jen pouring bleach all over Dicks cigarettes? No penalty there (only when she ate while on slop). Does anyone remember Zack’s calendar next to his bed? The HG from seasons past played some great pranks. I laughed so hard when the HG would watch from the HOH room to see who would get sprayed first when they put a hair tie around the kitchen sink sprayer to see who would get soaked first. IT IS A GAME!

Yes most reality shows are scripted to an extent. Usually NOT the ones with a $$$ involved though. That’s the part that peeves me. We all know we will watch again next season to see who they have playing. I know I will. I’m hooked. I love yelling at my TV at stupid people. Just like people would do to any of us if we were there. We see it all. They see and hear only what they’re told. I’m a very gullible person and see the good in people (or at least try to).

I can’t wait for tonight but I’m going to have to. Off to work and get beautiful smiles from all my little students. My wish for all of you today is to be smiled upon by all that you see!

Peace out, ♥Kare♥

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