Hi BB Fans. Well we’ve read a bit of this but not in detail. So here is what I would like to see. What would happen to this game if Kevin approached Michele and Russell and made a final F3 deal with them? He could ask Michele how badly she wanted to get to F3. If she wants it badly enough, then would she (Michele) go for voting against Natalie and vote for Russell to stay?

It is up to the 2 of them to vote out who they want. Natalie hasn’t done anything for Kevin. It was Kevin who went to Jeff and lied about Russell wanting to get him out. Michele just wants to get to the end.

So if Kevin and Michele go to Russell and ask what he would he do for them and if it was good enough, then the 3 of them can go up against Jeff and Jordan. 3 against 1 (Jeff can’t play for HOH) is pretty good odds.

Do you think Michele has thought about this? I do. She’s a pretty smart cookie. Kevin has been laying low during this game and if he pulled this off and ended up in F2 with Michele then the jury house, I believe, would vote for him.

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