The only thing I don’t do on my Blackberry is watch TV. There’s no flash drive. So everything I read and do (w/the exception of BBAD) is done on my little screen. When I look up the world around me is out of focus. Shhhh do not tell the husband. He will take it away from me. LOL! I’ve been on vaca from work for 4 days now and all that has gotten done in my house is laundry. Throw in a load and get back to my crackberry.

I have researched every one of BB11′s HG this season. Whew, the things that their “friends” say about them is horrible. But they too are trying to gain fame from their friends on Big Brother. It’s sad.

Jessie’s friends are pushing him out of the closet and Russell’s friends have said he has only had 1 fight. It was Win-0 Loss-1 Draws-0. It’s sad when they throw their friends under the bus.

However, for people like me that love to blind themselves reading all the myspace/Facebook/ & everything else pages it’s FANtastic! Well, these tired, blind, fuzzy eyes are getting closed early tonight.

Thank you to Matt for starting this Big Brother Fan Site and for everyone else that has kept us all informed on everything BIG BROTHER. Sweet dreams and peace out until tomorrow where it will all start over for me. It’s like Groundhog’s Day!

Much love, ♥Kare♥

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