What will happen between now and Tuesday??

My Number #1 WISH is that the hair-band, lying, back-stabbing 18 (cough) year old will be DISQUALIFIED from the final three!

-Do we really need to have a final HOH Comp? -I, personally doubt there would be too many BB fans upset if NataLIE were to go straight to the Jury, and do NOT collect a single dollar!

- As I see it, by now, all of the “Powers that Be” are aware of Natalie’s worst offense this year; the “hair-band and the key”.

- In all of the 11 seasons I have been watching BB, never has anything of THIS magnitude occurred, much less right under their own noses!

- Thanks to Chelsea and Missy, their weekly online chat, Natalie’s attempt has been outed and we ALL are now aware. (Their chats are now slated for Tuesdays and Wednesday on Real.com, double check to be sure)

- So, would it really impact Tuesday’s Two Hour Finale? Personally, I think it would make it all the better! Nothing like one last surprise “shake up” to “pack that Jury Punch” we’ve all been anticipating.

-AND, what better way to show AMERICA that BB does not tolerate Cheating?

- In My Totally Honest Opinion, THIS Scenario CAN Be Possible!!

- Please feel free to weigh in. The MORE of us that WANT Justice to Prevail, the Better!

-Joey Lee*

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