Hello and Welcome To Season 14!!
It looks like we are in for one Very HOT Summer! This Season has some interesting “Twists”, some returning “Characters”, and 14 NEW House-Guests!
If You have not heard yet, the “biggest” twist, so far, is the “return” of FOUR “Epic” former House-Guests. When I first heard about the twist, I have to admit, my first reaction was; “Please, NOT another season of Rachel & Brendon”! Then, the returning house-guests were labeled as “the most successful” and “epic”. That totally confused me!
So, IF You haven’t heard yet, the returning Guests are; Janelle, Dan, Brittney, and Mike aka “Boogie”.
Of the four, Brittany surprised me the most, as I can’t think of an “epic” or “most successful” thing she did in regard to Big Brother.
I am looking forward to seeing Janelle and Dan! NOT so much MIke “Boogie”.
What I WAS relieved about with the returns was that THEY are NOT competing for the same “Grand Prize” as the rest! They’ve been labeled as “Mentors” whom I am guessing will be assigned to possibly four of the New house-guests.
So, since anything else I would say would be simply “speculation”, I’ll leave the comments to You All for both Prior to, and After tonight’s first episode! Who are your initial “favorites”? Who have you already decided to NOT like…
For more about each House-Guest, head on over to BigBrotherNetwork. And, utilize the links they have there to get your LIVE Feeds, if You haven’t already.


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