Where to begin….. We’re now into week two, and still, these new house-guests do not seem to know what they are doing! The Veterans have won every competition so far, while these younger, more fit, players just seem to scramble.

Once Evel Dick left, the Veterans were down a person. One would have thought, this is the perfect time, but nope…

So, now my Favorite Girl, Jordan has won HoH, and has placed Dominick and Adam on the block.
If it were any other season, I’d be worried about the Veto.

The one kink in the Veteran’s plan seems to be Danielle; is she really starting another “show-mance” with Dom?
Her “loyalty” to the veterans sseems to be weakening with each day that goes by.

So, depending on who plays, and who wins the Veto, will leave us with a LOT more to chat about. Will Dom or Adam FINALLY step it up and play to WIN for a change?

All of your thoughts are welcomed!

Veto Update: Adam and Dominick won the Veto, will they use it to take themselves off? (any other group, it would be NO question, this one, nothing would surprise me!)

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