Hi All*!
From the day this season started, the addition of four former house-guests bothered me. I am and was tired of seeing the same faces over and over.
Then, we were told that the twist was; instead of the former house guests playing as regular players, they’d be playing a separate game. That made it a little easier to deal with.
BUT, then came last night’s “Surprise” Twist; “America’s Vote to allow the Veterans to join the cast”.
I couldn’t waste my ten dollars in Text Votes fast enough, (texting 2 for NO at 81818), and for the first time, I encourage EVERYONE to do so!!
I understand they are in a difficult position with the elimination of Willie… (such a surprise! NOT) However, I am sure they have other ways to extend their season. From what I have heard, at least Kara and JoJo, are in sequester, leaving the possibility of their return.

As You all can see, I am 110% against switching the Veterans to regular players. Aside from the obvious reasons, the four Veterans are aware of information that the rest of the house is not; alliances and such…

Let’s hear your thoughts, and PLEASE VOTE (NO)!

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