Sorry to many of you, but I’ve read so many comments I’m about to fall asleep! All of a sudden there’s this massive “Love Campaign” for two of the oddest players in BB History; Kevin and Michelle? Michelle has made so many “alliances” even SHE cannot keep them straight. Kevin didn’t even begin “playing” until, last week? Natalie has done nothing, has lied about everything, and is simply riding the coat-tail of the one last survivor of the Jesse Posse!

Then we have Jeff and Jordan. Jordan, because of her very simple upbringing comes off as dense to everyone so, what is aid, “She’s stupid”. Didn’t anyone but me watch s she won the Question and answer competition two weeks ago? She and Michelle got EVERY answer right! Then, to top it off, when the run-off came out, did the player with a PHD win or the girl so many are calling “stupid”? Well, it was NOT the PHD.

Now did Jeff make a HUGE mistake by listening to Kevin, whom by the way, states that his “word is all he has”? YES, Jeff made his biggest mistake.

Now we have the scenario left of whether or not “Pandora’s Box”, and the person that unlocked Kevin will have any type of added power. I’ll put it this way, why have such a strategic game,”Pandora’s Box”, which Kevin CHOSE to go for, have Kevin get locked in room as money falls from the sky, if not to test and REWARD he person that unlocked Kevin instead of grabbing more money? What point would it have if left as is? My answer, NONE! But that’s MY Opinion.

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