OK, I give up! What the heck is this show doing? For those of you that do NOT know yet; Pandora’s Box returned, was opened, Wrenchel is back for 24 hours while Brendon is “missing”.

The House had finally found some “harmony”. They were able to compete yet still all sit in the same room.

With Wrenchel back, she’s calling EACH player, one by one, to “question” them.

If you do not have the Live Feeds, you just missed Wrenchel and Ragan in all out war! It seems Ragan HAS put her in her place. Wrenchel really believes she is “all that”! (Puke!)

I am curious to see if Brendon will have any private time prior to her exit tomorrow.

Aside from all else, Enzo is easily becoming one of the worst BB “players” of all time!

I DO give a LOT of credit to Kathy, as during her talk with Ms. Vegas, she held true to herself, stayed calm, and ended up with a peaceful hug between the two.

Matt having the Diamond Power of Veto may prove interesting. Unless he, himself, is the “replacement” Nominee. His oh-so+powerful Brigade is already showing cracks. Using the DPV to save himself may just be the beginning of the end for the “Bro-Gade”!

Any thoughts?

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