I’ve watched every season of Big Brother. NEVER have I seen FOUR people get by with only one of them doing ANY thing!

I’m not a huge fan of Matt’s, but for the rest of the Bro-Gade to toss him under the bus, when he’s the ONLY one that HAS done anything boggles my mind!!!

Enzo has been a complete waste of space. Hayden won one HOH, and that was by “default”. Lane, sort of tried to win the last HOH, SORT of.

Yet, the three of them, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo, are all “conspiring” to let go of Matt, UNAWARE of his Diamond Power of Veto.

I am HOPING that Matt somehow learns of his “alliance” throwing him under the bus! He has Four days to figure it out. With ANY hope, he’ll take himself off and re-nominate Enzo as a replacement.

Once again, the “manual of how to get by while doing NOTHING” is still under way.


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