Spoiler Alert!!!
As most of the house planned, Monet’ has been evicted by a 7-2 vote.

I was actually a bit surprised that Monet’ didn’t get more votes.

On another note; what the heck is Matt doing by telling everyone, including Andrew, that his wife had a “rare .9 in a million disease”, with a completely made up name?!

Andrew being one of those aware of what Matt says; AND being a Podiatrist, has an ACE to use WHEN and IF he reveals his true background!

Lastly, of course Brit voted to keep Monet’, but, will Kathy admit that SHE was the other vote? It would be terrific strategy if she were to remain anonymous! The “endurance” Competition started with an extra twist; the last 5 to stay on their surf boards, excluding the HOH, will become “Have-Nots” for the next week!!!

It should be an interesting night!! Who’s going to win? Who’ll be on Slop? We’ll know some time by morning!!!


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