Although my title says it all, to everyone that has been reading and following my Blogs, HOPE has Paid off, Thank YOU Jordan!!!!

- Player 1: 5 correct (out of 10)

- Player 2: 9 correct (out of 10)

As Kevin and GNat’s plan stood, Kevin would win the “physical” Comp, so that GNat would be able to compete against Jordan; because, “she’s so dumb”.

Well Fellow Fans, and Naysayers alike; OUR Jordan Proved when up against the wall, She WILL Kick Tae-Kwondo Butt and DID SO!!!

In a competition where they had to roll the balls (heads) of each HOH in order, from 1 – 10, GNat went first; a bit shaken and rattled, but after her 2 minutes were up: 5 (FIVE) out of 10 right!

ALL was shown LIVE on TV, NO possibility of cheating, no throwing the Comp.

(Both had been separated and each confined while the other played)

Jordan’s play; she was as confident as she could ever be, listened to the instructions, then took her turn. With time still remaining, she locked in her answers; 9 NINE out of 10 correct!!!!

So much for “I can take on Jordan in any mental challenge”, (excuse me as I cheer out loud again!)

ALL 3 Learned tonight that the final competition, between Kevin and Jordan, would NOT be held as they first thought, but on Tuesday, Finale Night instead!! The looks of fear and surprise on Kevin and Nat’s faces, were Priceless!!! Jordan’s reaction? A Smile and a “No Shi*!”.

I have to say, it was an incredible hour of TV!

The next several days; ALL three will be spending together as they await and “plan for” Tuesday Night’s Finale!!

How many deals will be made? Let’s TRY and keep count.

Who will promise who what? Let’s TRY and keep track of that too!?

This certainly was NOT a certain DUO’s Plan!!!

Good Night AND Sweet, Sweet Dreams!!

And Thank You Jordan! (Again)

-Joey Lee

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