If any of you are watching the feeds, you can definitely understand the title of this blog!!

As of just a few minutes ago, Sunday approx. 3:10 EST, Matt sat down with Rachel with the hope of getting through to her that by her own actions, she’s making the decision of who gets evicted much easier. For as sly as Matt has been, he was as polite and heartfelt as possible while talking to her. He tried telling her not to take everything so personally, to just TRY and get along for the sake of getting along!! She has confronted just about everyone, blasting them, when it was herself that told everyone to, “Bring it on!”. As if her evicting Kristen was NOT personal?

I thought this “chat” might help, but no; off she went, stomping her feet, landing in her room crying. Minutes later, in walks her “Romeo” (cough), he is told by his “girlfriend” (cough-choke), that Matt verbally “attacked” her! Of course he wants to confront Matt… She is able to get him a little calmer. DUH She just totally lied through her own gross teeth!!!

Everything is everyone else’s fault, of course! Brendon and Rachel have been totally “stand-up” and “honest” throughout this game. – who are they trying to convince?? She’s self destructive enough for both of them!!

If only Thursday could come sooner!!! And, if only they both could walk out together!!

And one last reality check? Sorry Rachel, You and Brendon are NOTHING like Jeff and Jordan!! Please, she cannot be that delusional!

Till Thursday, the drama is bound to only build!!

-Joey Lee*

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