OK, Here’s MY Take, My Opinion, for whatever it’s worth…
Am I the only one that does not see that bringing back Russell, as opposed to Jeff remaining, as the worst option?

It just does not seem to make much sense for me, or in my opinion, to the ratings that CBS has already stated are so high this season that they’re going to have a two hour live Finale Night?
It’s obvious that Jeff and Jordan are “fun to watch” and have been since they “paired” up. I’ve read some people that tune in to the Live Feeds just for their “Hammock time”!
The biggest twist, the Coup wasn’t even somewhat close, Jeff received over 80% of ALL votes cast.
Russell, on the other hand, is well known for his outbursts, blowing up for NO reason, getting right into other’s faces, some so close I would have to think he had to have been given several warnings.
That leaves this “Twist” that Julie mentioned, in my opinion, having only one scenario, the safety of Jeff.
Kevin HAD the choice whether to take the “prize”, or not. He just may end up dealing with the consequences, as it makes sense to me.

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