I was so excited to watch the live eviction last night. As I’m sure like many of you, I was stunned that NO family members commented on Brendon or Rachel. BUT, to see Brendon’s EX? Where did that come from?!

She did manage to shed some light on “who” Brendon is. And, from the sound of things, I highly doubt Rachel will tolerate half of what his EX did.

But, where were their Family’s?

As for the HoH Comp, I am furious that once again, the big and bad “Bro-Gade” didn’t even try to win! Do the expect to just be crowned winner while doing NOTHING?

So, now we are stuck with Sir Brendon. (UGH) as NO surprise, he chose the have-nots, and NO surprises; Matt, Britney, and Ragan! Is he not man enough to put up ANY of the bigger guys?
Unless Matt IS nominated, I highly doubt he will use his Diamond Power of Veto. He may not use it even if he’s nominated, as he has the votes of his “Bro-Gade”.

So, my predictions? Nominations should be Matt and Brit or Brit and Ragan. (Brendon; What a man, What a man….)

I guess the best we can hope for is Brendon NOT moping around the ENTIRE week. It’s SO Sad to see him without his woMAN!! (Cough, Cough)

Should Brenda, I mean Brendon, choose to be a complete a$$ for the week, and being as he’s got this huge chip on his shoulder, I’d bet he goes the week after next.

But for now, it’s “pity party” time for Brendon….

When exactly do these four (Bro-Gade) guys think they should start playing?

Fun, Fun, Fun…..

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