I’m not sure about all of you, but does anyone else agree that these House-Guests have gotten WAY ahead of themselves?

In week 2, Rachel went from being on the block to HOH. Week 3, any lesson learned? Matt went from being on the block to HOH!

Matt’s plan was to back-door either Rachel or Brendan. Wouldn’t that have been much easier to accomplish by putting them both back on the block? As we saw with the Veto, only ONE person can win! At least ONE would remain even with Brendan winning the POV.

Now, two of the “weaker” targets are on the block and will most likely stay that way.

Then there’s “The Brigade”; they have decided to wait until the House is down to six people to announce their alliance. After how badly Matt’s plan back-fired, should they really be looking THAT far down the line?

And, STILL, unlike ANY other season, I have yet to hear ANY House-Guest even consider the possibility that one of evicted House-Guests may RETURN?!

Unlike the House-Guests, we are aware that Anne, and most likely Monet have been sequestered. So, either after three or four people are evicted, we WILL most likely see someone return, sending everyone’s scenario right out the window!

Matt is already trying to decide who’s votes he’d get if he makes it to the final TWO.

It’s only week THREE. Where and what do YOU all think may or may not occur? At least WE have the advantage of seeing and hearing everyone’s supposed alliances and plans.

And again, the Drama continues…


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