Year after year, season to season, we see our “fan favorites”. From as far back as Hardy, to Keesha, Janelle, and now the Jeff, Jordan and Michelle fans; but what prevails? Seems to be the liars, those willing to sell their soul to the devil; and admit it! (Sorry Evil Dick!)

This years “cast”, has been different, or at least we want to think! Or has it?
When the entire “clique” theme began, most hated the idea, myself included. There’s always the “innocent” few that, for lack of any better reason, leave before we even get to know them; ie; Braden, Laura, Casey. Most leave due to some pre-judgement inside the house that leaves us guessing, why?
Well, thankfully for fans like myself, we did get to know Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle. The “Oddest” Trio of players we’ve seen team up to “fight the evil”. (Sorry Kevin and Nat)
Chima threw everyone for a loop! Any fan of Big Brother knows there are Twists that come into play, yet it seems those “playing” do forget. So, despite knowing to “expect the unexpected”, Chima lashes out worse than any player I can recall.

Lydia and Natalie; or the followers of Sir Jesse, (Cough). Natalie says she has a boyfriend at home, yet carried on like the scorned wife of Jesse, out to get Lydia, “the Mistress”, as we watch with amazement; or for some, comedy like no other.
That left us with the “most of the time” honorable Jeff, his “gal-pal”, and Michelle. Of course they became the easy favorites!

But, alas, the Power of “The Coup”, voted on by US, put Jeff into the bigger spotlight. Feeling he’s being betrayed by everyone, finds it easy to believe “Russell, aka Love Muscle” was out to get him. And right or wrong, he took his chances, and out the door went Russ! Thus putting an even bigger target on Jeff by two of Big Brother’s biggest come from behind “players” in BB memory, Kevin and NataLIE.

Out goes Jeff, while we all speculated that “Pandora’s box” would save him. I even wonder if all that HOPE shown by us, the fans of Jeff, may have screwed that possibility for him. Had it worked as we thought it might, the MANY naysayers would have screamed even louder that BB is fixed.

I may be reaching a bit far, or “dreaming”, but it’s what came to my mind as I watched on all three versions; CBS, Shotime 2, and the Live Feeds. Two of the three leaving a me quite a few dollars shorter in my pockets!

And so I’m writing, venting, knowing that for as many that may disagree with me, there are MANY more that do agree with me.
Most of the “loyal fans”, like myself, hope that Integrity and Honesty will prevail. And, when it gets tossed out the door it leaves us stranded, holding onto any last chance of hope we can muster.

Will Jeff return? Will Jordan step up? Will Michelle get back on her feet? Or, will the season succumb to Kevin and Natalie? Less than two weeks till everything is answered, or will it? -Joey Lee

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