Hi All! I’ve written several blogs now, and I’d like to think I’ve been at least consistent.

I’ve been reading blogs from ALL over the web, from the “Small Screen Scoop” to others less well known. In all 11 seasons, I have been an active online fan. I’ve paid for the live feeds for at least 8 of 11 seasons; purchased Sho 2 just for “After Dark”.

I consider myself to be pretty well informed as a “Fan” of Big Brother.

In prior seasons, we’ve had some major “acting out”, a few HGs were removed for physical harm, threatening harm. Even “Evil Dick”, for as bold and crude as he was, he took responsibility for his actions. When warned, he stepped back.

This year has me checking to make sure I’m on the right station! I can’t even tolerate the live feeds any longer as they make me want to smash my monitor!

Then there’s “After Dark”; three hours where the HGs know that everything they do or say will be LIVE!

My Point; ALL these cameras, but where are the “people” that are watching/listening to them? Why aren’t they holding,especially GNat and Kev, these HGs Responsible? From screwing with other HGs property to sabotaging other’s?

I have placed my own call to BB, left a detailed message stating my disgust and frustration. I’m lost! There has to be a way to get through to the “Powers that Be” that we, THE FANS, will not accept what continues to occur!! We NEED to VOICE our concerns, respectfully, and clearly!
-Joey Lee

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