Hello All* & Welcome Back to those of You* that have been to the “Diary Room” Blogs!
OK, so let’s get into some of the former House-Guests that just may be returning for Big Brother 13, and those we are “hoping” will NOT be returning!
I think the majority of viewers are certainly looking forward to the, most likely to be returning, favorite “couple” in Big Brother History! (at least I am..)
As to the others, according to the “popularity” vote; with Jordan and Jeff leading the pack, Evil Dick and Danielle, and Yes, as much as it pains me to write it, the last of the three remaining pairs, Brendon and Rachel.
I’m actually surprised that “Brenchel” came in third, as opposed to Dr. Will and Boogie.
Are there really THAT many people that actually want to hear that “cackle” laugh return? And, Rachel’s overly possessive attitude of “protecting HER man”?
However, I cannot say how thrilled I am/was to see Jesse and GNatalie with only 1%!
Now, these are only MY opinions, and based solely on the, “Who would You like to see return?” poll.
I AM looking forward to getting this season started! Three more days…. And, for those of you that have yet to get your 24/7 “Real Pass” live feed subscriptions, there is still time to get a pretty good discount. If interested, just click on “Big Brother Network” banner above and look for Matt’s easy to follow directions.
It’s definitely going to be a VERY interesting summer! I’m looking forward to chatting here with everyone as the Show progresses!
Welcome Back All*! Here We Go…….


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