Well Y’all? Dumb? Dense? NOT!

Watching that final competition was SO nail-biting, head-spinning; I mean seriously, How many of YOU got more than 3 right? Then, to come down to a “run-off”? Yes, my head bounced off the floor a few times too. But NOT Jordan! She looked a bit confused, then pulled the answer out, all while WE viewers are trying to come up with some logical number!!

Jordan writes 50; Kevin writes 80; the answer is; 51!!!

Jordan, Congratulations! And, Thank You!

Jeff wins America’s choice!
- I know a lot of you were rooting for Michelle, but the reactions around that room were priceless!! Jesse Votes Jordan?! HaHa!

- I am so happy! Someone won Big Brother that truly NEEDS the money!! Maybe now Jordan will be able to relax, start HER own life?!

- No, I’m not even mentioning the other “prize”! I decided to make this last BB 11 Blog end on a Completely Positive Finish.

- I’m sure you all have a LOT to say! Some Yays; Some Nays. Just do me ONE favor? Try keeping it Civil and Positive? Heck, for Jordan’s sake, and MY OWN?

- It has been such a Pleasure writing these blogs. I am forever thankful to all that have followed along. I can’t wait to return next season!!

- Joey Lee*

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