Who would have thought on July 8th that this is what the season would come down to?

Britney vs. The Three Stooges!

Three “Men” have succeeded, NOT by winning competitions, but by clustering their votes, tossing away the one with a “brain”, yet here we are.

I can’t help but wonder how Great of a season this “could have been”. There was Andrew, Kristen, Monet, and Annie. All had the potential to make this a very exciting season.

Why can’t there be some huge “You Got – Got”; and replace the “3 Stooges” with the first 3 evictee’s? One can only imagine, or dare to dream.

This season has somehow beat every year prior in ratings, yet, the last four people left, minus Britney, have done virtually NOTHING!

I skimmed through last night’s “After Dark” as Enzo went on and on about getting Britney out. Lane managed to throw in a few teases, stating if he wins Veto, he’ll take Britney off. OH How I Would Love To See Him Do It!! The Finale might actually be interesting if Britney does win herself. (I can dream, can’t I?)

So, this is likely to be my final blog for the year. I do want to Thank Matt (BB), and all my other fellow bloggers! And to You, the fellow fans, like myself, Thank You as well!!! -There’s always next year!-


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