Not too many seasons have gotten me this wrapped up, to the point of actually getting “mad”; this one has.
In all 11 seasons, we’ve seen some devious characters, some serious liars, and some big-time ego maniacs. Never can I remember a season that had the “rules”, as I am aware of them’ broken SO many times by the same players.
Ironically, my partner was even going to submit an application this year, so we did get a good look at the “Do’s and Don’ts”.
That, along with being a fan all these years, I thought I was clear on what the house-guests could and could not do.
I’m bringing this up because I just cannot get over Kevin and Natalie’s use of a “play-dough” created calendar!

I seem to recall a season where some tried using different forms of sign language, for one, and were almost banished.
Never, Never, would I have thought that the producers would allow as much as they have this year; and not just a Calendar!
- ruining other’s property
- Mutltiple occasions where house-guests told the producers to “F*** Off”!
- threatening the producers to cause chaos on live TV (a taped “live” episode?)
- removing items throughout the house
- and of course the “Chima” events.
Prior to getting tossed out, she and her “posse” were so “out of control” that instead of being “punished”, they made “demands” and had them granted! (In order to try and appease them and neutralize the situations)

So BB, forgive me, but this year, Russell may have “got got”; Jeff may have “got got”; however, no one was “got got” more than us, the fans!

I debated over and over about writing this blog, but if I hadn’t, I would have felt even more “GOT”!
-Joey Lee

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