Well, if you’re keeping up with the live feeds, or Matt’s BB 12 Updates; you already know that, once again, the new HoH is Rachel.

In case you do not know yet, Rachel has already made her Nominations; Kristin and Hayden.

If ANY of you are like me, as you watched the HoH Competition, did anyone truly TRY to win HoH besides Rachel, Brendan, Kristen and Hayden?

As soon as After Dark started last night, Rachel pranced around, placing herself in BB History for winning a second time. Then, to make her’s and Brendan’s targets even larger, Rachel began, what I would call, the biggest Power Trip in BB History! She attacked anyone, mostly Kristen, that placed her and “her man” (cough!) up to answer questions!

Within an hour from that, she went crazy, babbling to Brendan, as to “why is Britney in there talking to Kristen?”.

At this point, even Brendan is again, “arguing” with “Queen Rachel”, begging her to calm down as she’s just going to make everything even worse! (Is that even possible?)

What is NOT known, and although Ragan constantly is reminding her, and everyone, thing can change at any moment; “Expect the Unexpected”. But as we found out during the live eviction, we will be seeing the return of Pandora’s Box.

For as smart as Brendan is, and by the way he’s being treated; I think this “Showmance” just may soon become the beginning of a brutal ending!

What happened to the threat Matt made directly to “Brenchel”? Forgotten over a personal grudge with Kristen?

I’m looking forward to hearing YOUR comments!

…And Drama X 10 continues!


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