Hi All*! Well, this is only my second blog this season, and already, I’m scratching my head!
First of all, keep in mind, prior to Thursday’s episode, ALL of the House-Guests had a week to “get to know each other”.
It was rather odd watching from home as Evel Dick and Danielle entered, only to have maybe half of the “new” players even know who they were! Just prior, there was this uncomfortable feeling when “Brenchel” entered with Rachel’s chalk-scratching “cackle” leading the way. Then, the “Rock Stars”, Jeff and Jordan, applause, loud cheers, mates admitting they were “star-struck”!
Then, within 24 hours of the episode airing, the live feeds turning on, well sort of, and After Dark airing, something, someone, was “missing”, Evel Dick!

After hours of the house scrambling to figure out what was happening, the rumor mill started up!! Evel Dick has left Big Brother behind! What? Why? How?
Well, despite ALL the rumors being circulated, CBS released a statement that “Evel Dick had left due to personal reasons”.
We’re being told that his leaving will be addressed on the show on Sunday or, more likely, Wednesday.

So, let’s get on with what we DO know.
Rachel, yes Rachel has won the very first HoH. As the “Newbies” scrambled, I thought to myself, “how did these young, IN SHAPE, new people lose while holding on to a banana?!”.

Next up, the Nominations. Surprisingly, even to me, the newer members seemed to start an “us vs. them” strategy. This might have worked better had THEY won the HoH!

So, the nominees were announced, and Porche and Keith were the first targets.
Clearly, “Brenchel” learned nothing since their season.

I say the above as we now have this new “twist”; the House-Guest that survives being nominated Is “Free from Eviction” for the first FOUR eliminations. These “safe from eviction house-guests” also cannot compete in any HoH Competitions, as well.

The Veto Competition was then held, and another chance for these vibrant younger people to “show their stuff” came, and went. In addition to “Duo Brenchel”, Keith and Porche, Jeff and Jordan were randomly selected to play.
The winner is? Rachel, again!

Over the past 24 hours, everyone seems to be starting to “mingle” at least. We have a few exciting prospects, and, a few extremely boring new guests…

Let me know YOUR thoughts. Just Please, let’s TRY to maintain some civility here!

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