It’s only the third week of Big Brother, yet if Y’all have After Dark or the Live Feeds; doesn’t it seem WAY too early to be planning the “Jury” and Beyond?!?

First, before everyone gets too wrapped up in the possibility of there being a “couple” with a previous alliance; keep in mind that MUCH of what the Saboteur had done was suggested by Fans posting suggestions. Thus,it IS possible there is NO truth to it.

What IS going to have a HUGE impact in the entire game is; one evicted house-guest returning! Though probably not till after the third or fourth eviction.

As for the way certain people are playing already; splitting the house in two, 5- people alliances, sure seems WAY too soon to me!!

Matt, after “Volunteering” to be put up on the block, yet acting with complete paranoia will be interesting to see how it plays out. In prior seasons, the “pawns” tend to end up exiting the game..

As for Lane, Enzo, and a few others, I’m not sure they’re even playing the same game as the rest.

Will it be Matt or Monet??

What “Twists” Lie Ahead???

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