Well, it’s here Folks! Tonight we will see the last episode of Big Brother’s Eleventh Season.

We’ve had SO many Highs, and Yes, as most that have been following along with my blogs, MANY, MANY Lows.

I’ve been reading many of the other blogs around the web, quite honestly, there’s one thing in-particular that is truly bothering more than it has all season long; people calling Jordan “Dumb, Dense”, saying SHE rode the “coat-tails” of others. It astonishes me that ever after her last Victory, people still refuse to look past her “cuteness” and instead make her out to be the next sequel to “Legally Blonde”! I just checked the “status” board, regarding competitions; Kevin won 3; one of which was due to Gnat giving it to him, and Jordan; she won 3, including the one that Jeff gave to her.

I know many of you are also upset at Jordan for her, so far, continuation of wanting to bring Natalie to the final two; IF she should win the final Competition. Many are saying she’s just so “gullible”, adding in that she’s “too dumb to see through her”.

Excuse Me ALL but hasn’t Natalie been fooling Each and Everyone that entered that House?! There were only a very select few that she admitted her true age to; and one of those people is NOT even her “closest ally”, Kevin!

I do not seem to be able to get the point across to many of the viewers that these people, ALL of them, are ISOLATED in THAT House, and are NOT privy to the knowledge that we are!

Jeff, “America’s Favorite” Player LOST this game due to believing Kevin; whom, by the way, was carrying out NataLIE’s dirty work. Although Jeff knows that Kevin was lying NOW, while still inside the BB House, he did not know that Natalie was behind it. The only thing he became aware of was that the two of them; Kevin and GNat, were “working together”.

Now, try and imagine yourself, cut off from the rest of the world, having NO contact with anyone other than those still inside the House. To Jordan, Kevin is “to blame” for Jeff’s Eviction; and the lie that caused it.

So My Friends, Fellow Big Brother Fanatics, Give Sweet Jordan a Break! Yes, I wish she could see through Natalie’s lies and look past avenging Kevin for Jeff’s eviction! And, I STILL wish Miss Natalie will still be told tonight that, due to her cheating in the HOH Competition, she must go directly to the Jury House!

Keep the comments coming, as this will be my last Blog for the season until the Finale is over.

My Thanks To Matt, for giving me this Incredible opportunity to Blog about my Favorite Reality Show! And, My Most Sincere Thanks to ALL that have been reading and commenting since my blogs began!

-Joey Lee

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