Good Day Everyone.
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog for the show, for numerous personal health issues, as well as not wanting to keep repeating the same things over and over again.

So, I figured I’d try a “Final Five Wrap-Up” and see what we come up with.
This season has had some really “high” moments, and a LOT of REALLY low moments.
Aside from Rachel, who I have never been a true fan of, yet she has seemed to have changed drastically in just a few weeks, and changing my opinion.

Shelley’s sudden flip seemed to me to be the main turning point of the entire season. After weeks and weeks of watching her “seem” to get closer to Jeff and Jordan, her flipping made me wonder if she had some type of “break-down”.
Even when it was happening, I was saying out loud, “she can’t actually be doing what she’s doing!”, but alas, she was.

We’re now left with Rachel. Jordan, Adam, Porsche and as it seems until Thursday, Kalia.

I think Adam has to be one of my top three major “surprises” of the season. Easily making the top of that list, Rachel; who in the past three or so weeks has seemed to bring out a whole new personality, somewhere in the middle; Kalia or Daniele…

I have SO many opinions regarding Kalia, none of them too positive, as she seems to have taken Rachel’s old place of making me “cringe”…

This week, we have Adam holding the Power of Veto, his second “win” of the season and he, so far, seems content with NOT using it and getting rid of Kalia. Who could blame him? Kalia has stabbed him in the back numerous times, only to then use her famous line, “I’ve never lied once in this game”. I was looking for lightening to strike several times as she appeared to actually believe it!

I understand this game is filled with lies, back-stabbing, making fake deals, but some, like Kalia, have taken all of the above to a whole new dimension.  And, all in some odd way to avenge Daniele’s eviction.

Anyway, it all appears to be pointing to a Veteran Final Two. This seems to have some Viewerers mad. Consdering that the Vets were out-numbered 8-6, then 8-5, after Evel Dick’s exit, I have a hard time accepting that it’s been a Vet “favored” season.

I do believe that had Cassie and Dominick stayed, we would have had an entirely different game and ending approaching. I also believe that Daniele’s sudden turning on the Vet Alliance was, by far, her biggest mistake and what has shaped the season into what it has become.

It’s been an interesting summer, to say the least. I’m sure we can all look back and say, “What if?”, MANY times..
Thanks for Reading! Feel Free to Comment, just TRY and stay Civil…


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